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Design Project Pressure

I presented my final design portfolio today at varsity..

Basically its a huge relief, because for the past couple months I’ve been averaging on 3 or 4 hours of sleep a day trying to get everything done, under huge pressure from my lecturers.. Some things have been pretty stressful.

The major problem, and the reason for the almost abusive treatment by my tutors, is that UKZN, along with a whole lot of other universities around the country are in serious danger of losing there accreditation. What this means is that, they would be able to provide a degree, but that degree wouldn’t be worth anything, since professional architects must not only be qualified, but they must also be accredited by the relevant authorities to practice.

This has created something of an uncomfortable (to put it lightly) atmosphere for the last six months or so, and put a lot of pressure on the staff to jack up the work.. Which puts ALL the pressure on us!

Well anyway.. The presentation didn’t go too well, but not I just need to try and forget about it, wait for my results to come out and pray HARD!

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