Time off..

Wow it feels good to be on holiday!!

Now I finally have some time off to do all the things I wish I could do during the term.. Like write music!!

I’ve been doing some little home recordings lately. Its a really cool feeling to commit something to tape (well, hard drive), I dunno, I can’t really explain it unless you know it. Its kinda like the feeling you get in primary school when the teacher pins your little crayon drawing up with everyone else’s from the class, and you just think: Hey! That’s me up there!


Its just kinda cool when you’re listening to your ipod on shuffle and every now and then one of your songs (no matter how bad the quality), comes on..

I write quite a lot.. Not for a while, because of Varsity stuff, but usually I do. I write mostly for my band, which I just restarted after a bit of a break (We’re STILL thinking of a name), but I also write a lot of folky acoustic songs, and sometime last year I started messing around with loop software, producing some electro kind of stuff, which is pretty fun too actually!

The acoustic stuff tends to sound like this:

Hiroshima Sunrise – Myspace

Sorry.. I tried to upload it straight onto WordPress, But you have to buy an upgrade to host music. Sigh. So I made a quick Myspace profile.. There some more songs here:

Hiroshima Sunrise – Facebook


If you enjoy them please let me know..

UPDATE: Click Here to find out how to embed music directly into WordPress.

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