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The Mother of all Parties

So last night I worked a promotion at the ICC (International Convention Center) for AXE deodorant, posting little fliers under windscreen wipers of cars in the underground parking lot. Yeah.  Pretty lame job, but it ended up being quite an eventful night..

I arrived about 15/20 minutes early, ‘cos I wasn’t too sure where I was going, and waited outside gate 1 for Thando, (a name I discovered, my mother is totally incapable of pronouncing) the woman in charge of our team of 12 bill posters. It was then that I saw my first accident of the night. Some idiot in a BMW backed into some crappy old Corolla or something. About 6 girls (no lies) in short dresses and fake pearls spilled out of the Beamer, and an argument ensued between the two drivers, each trying to impress the rather large crowd that had gathered as much as possible. What a lol. Perhaps if I could understand Zulu I’d know what they were saying, but it was funny none the less.

I waited there as more people arrived till about half past nine, when Thando eventually accepted that the two missing guys weren’t coming, and our team was down to 10.

We worked quickly until about 10 o’clock, posing for photos for the client to prove that we had actually been there, until a security guard approached us with the typical rent-a-cop swagger to tell us that we weren’t allowed to put anything on the cars, and that we had to desist immediately. Despite our insistence that we had been hired by the SPONSORS of the event, the AXE Mother of all Parties (pretentious much), we had to stop for about another half hour while a lot of phone calls were made. Gotta love the total lack of communication!

Well there was no use just sitting around, so four of the other guys and I decided to check out the party, since we’d each been issued with an all access pass to the event. What we failed to take into account was the sheer size of the ICC. We first wandered into a large Gospel meeting, where a massive band and choir were busting out the tunes. Free food. Free drinks. Time to move on.. We wandered past a few more empty and not so empty halls, and eventually found the party. This thing was huge! Two massive Conference halls, with a foyer area in the middle. There were huge coloured spiky things from the roof, couches on the sides, massive dance floors, and people everywhere! It looked like one of those European trance parties you see in the movies, except with crappy taxi-house music. And believe me when I saw that the four of us white guys and one indian dude stuck out like some deformed hand of fire sore thumbs!

We made our way back to the parking lot, where the problem had been resolves, and we were given a strict talking to by the security guard about how they were trusting us so much, and we were not to do anything dangerous. (‘cos this was one dangerous operation!) We finished up there and I was out by 11. I got offered 100 bucks for my pass by this super smooth cat, but (stupid morals!) I couldn’t do it. Instead I gave it to Thando for a friend of her’s, and left feeling pretty good about myself, and stoked with what had been a Saturday night rather unexpectedly well spent..


Yeah you read that right, it was sponsored by the Department of Arts and Culture. =|

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