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Window fail!

A little while ago I wrote about the new developement around the Umhlanga Ridge New Town Centre area.. I quite like that building with the mansard roof, but after all the comments on that post I’ve kinda grown to see just how badly that building works.

And its not the only one around that area.

I noticed this the other day (or rather my mom did, when she was in the shop, and told me about it).

Crack Exterior

Its a bit hard to see from outside, but here’s a shot from inside..


Pretty savage right? The woman who runs the store told me that a guy from a glass fitters came in and had a look at it, and apparently the problem was that the glass pane had been installed and fixed simply with silicone, and they hadn’t put in anything to allow for expansion. She only moved into the building a couple of weeks ago and found that all the direct sunlight coming directly into the room through all the massive glazing made the space unbearably hot so, after being told she wasn’t allowed to but loovers up on the outside of the building (because of all the master planning guidlines) she simply put in huge blinds, screened the windows off and turned the aircon up. Recipe for dissaster? Huge pane of glass: baking hot sun on one side, icy cold on the other. Which is why this happened.

Crack 2

The building looks decent, and the units above must work, but clearly the shop fronts just don’t.

Crack fascade


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