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Why’s the lighting so bad in here?

October 19, 2009 2 comments

My life is starting to feel like a bad soap opera, and I’m left with questions like:

Is Pretoria too far?
Is 16 too young?
Am I going to die alone?

The answer, unfortunately, to all of these questions is probably yes.

C’est la vie.

These are some little cars made by some foreign African national whose name I don’t know, but they live on my window cill, and I think they’re really awesome.

Three 1


I’ve analyses in ordered lists,
Of ever girl I’ve ever met,
And book reports inside my head:
All the cover – faces that I’ve read.



Three 2

Beard. Beard. Beard.


I think I’m in love

October 6, 2009 3 comments

So I just found out Hayley Williams, from Paramore is only 20. I think I have a chance.

Hayley, if you’re reading this,


I love you!


Ok, enough silliness.. Back to work, Matt Costa and the growing of my beard.



October 4, 2009 2 comments

My mom came home today with these super rad little plastic chop stick type things called Rookie Stix. They’re for people who can’t quite use actual chop sticks..


Now sushi and I get on very well, so I’ve had a fair bit of practice with those little guys, but for people who haven’t these are super rad. I thought they were just generally a pretty rad design!


They’ve ever got these rad little grippy bits at the end. Nice one!


Now I just need something Asian to eat!

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Congress 2009

October 2, 2009 Leave a comment

Its been quite a while since I posted anything here.. I’ve been pretty busy lately, so I haven’t really had time for stuff like this.. But I thought I’d catch up a bit..

So Yeah.

Catching up

I thought I’d break this little hiatus with a quick post to share some photos from my trip to Pretoria last week.

What a rad week!

Basically, all the schools of architecture from around the country get together in the same city for a few days once a year. In the glorious name of architecture we attend guest lectures, meet new people, sleep in tents and party pretty hard! =P

This year was held in Pretoria, which I must admit, I was pretty surprised to discover is actually a REALLY beautiful city. I had always assumed it was pretty similar to Jo’burg, but its not at all. Definitely a place I’d love to visit again.

Road to PTA

We arrived a day early and explored Pretoria. I went out that night to a little restaurant/bar/club effort that I can’t remember the name of, and watched a couple bands play. Good start. The next day we did the typical tourist thing from a couple of really cool, low rider busses..


We drove around the city, and eventually stopped off at the union buildings which are so beautiful. I love being a tourist!

Union Building

Union Gardens

Their University is really pretty, kind of puts mine to shame.


But more about that next time..

A Fire Inside

August 18, 2009 Leave a comment

For the past week and half at Varsity my class has been without a studeo. There was a fire sometime over the long weekend. A fire. The whole place was sealed off, and we were told we weren’t allowed in because RMS (campus security) were “investigating”, and that the studio should be operational again in 2 or 3 days. Yeah. Sounds promising.

So yesterday afternoon we were finally allowed in. Here’s the extent of the fire damage.


Made for some pretty awesome photos! But I’m sure we can rule out foul-play.

Fire 2

Really? A week and a half to tell us it was an electrical fire caused by Shepstone’s crappy old wiring? (See it hanging there above the door?) Yeah. Good job guys. You can go back to operating the boom-gate now.

So I had to jump some fences but…

July 27, 2009 9 comments

…I went to have a look around the Umhlanga Ridge New Town Centre development, and took some photos. Unfortunately my camera’s battery ran dry, and I had to take the rest the pics with my crappy little camera phone, but you get the idea..



Park view

Its really exciting to see how much thought has been put into this development, that’s been slowly taking shape over the last few years. The project is facilitated under a broad set of aesthetic guidelines, which creates a cohesive and elegant urban landscape. You can read about the Architectural and Corporate Identity guide lines in the freely available release notes from Moreland Developers.

Interesting light fixture

Cranes cranes cranes

“Worldwide the trend is to discovering a
new urbanism—an emphasis on exquisitely
designed, safe, convenient and extremely
well-managed cities that nurture human
culture and dignity while being powerful
economic generators and job creators.
Umhlanga Ridge New Town Centre is enthused
with this vision and focuses, on one
hand, on a public environment of quality
and distinction while exhorting private developers
to surpass these high ideals with
their individual contributions to the whole.”

The Umhlanga Ridge New Town Centre Vision



More mansard roofs

I especially like how pedestrian orientated the town planning is..


And as always, the indigenous planting is a huge improvement on the previously popular and totally out of context palm trees.

Indigenous 1

Planting box

Indigenous 2

Similarly, large existing trees have been preserved.


All in all, very exciting stuff..

Park view 2

BTW. Would’ve been super amped on that zigzag ramp/stair set up if I hadn’t seen it somewhere else before.. Tried to find it in my Stumble favorites but I couldn’t. Still pretty rad though.

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Ilchester Pics

July 14, 2009 Leave a comment

I’ve got this long running project for my Technology course at varsity, for which I have to do a PBS (practical building study) of a residential project from the ground up.. So all year I’ve been visiting this site kinda near my house and taking photos, and doing sketches, and all the rest, from foundation stages all the way up to this point..

View from street
Back veranda

Gang nail truss

I took these photos yesterday. Unfortunately, when I go in the week I kind of have to wait for the builders to pack up and leave so the lighting’s not too great in some of the shots, but its all good..



I just love building sites. There’s something about all the textures, and the colours, and the sense of something to come that just gets me so amped. This looks to be rather a pretentious, ugly big house.. But I think its quite beautiful at this stage.

Brick and rubble

Maybe it was just the Bon Iver in my ears, the half dark or the site itself, but there’s something of an atmosphere all of its own to a place like this..

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