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Awesome Free Stuff! Yay!

July 8, 2009 Leave a comment

I went to Gateway today, and, after buying some new shirts and stuff, the guilt of listening to aKing’s Dutch Courage as much as I do without actually owning the album caught up to me, and I bought it.. Stoked!

It was kinda reduced too, which was great, but as I was standing at the counter, handing over the cash, the guy reaches behind the counter and slips this little paper bag or something into my packet, and he says “Yeah, you get a free magazine with that!”

Sweet! So I’m stoked.. I open up the bag that looks like this..


Yeah, thats Francois Van Coke, Age 7..

..and its not a magazine at all.. Its full of a whole lot of random (and AWESOME) stuff, like postcards..

SC1 001

SC1 002

..and stickers..

SC1 007

SC1 006..and this rad little book all about how to start a band, in afrikaans..

SC1 005

..with these great little illustrations..

SC1 004

..and the most insane posters I’ve ever seen..

SC1 008

That’s Wynand from Van Coke Kartel

SC1 009

And Jax Panic

..Yeah. and it all came in this super sick packaging, like little envelopes and stuff.. With cool stuff like this..

SC1 010

SC1 011

..printed on.

So basically I’m super stoked right now! So much awesome in one little A5 bag!!

Now I must return to my guilt free, aKing listening pleasure. Damn I love this album! Easily the best local recording I’ve ever heard as far as I’m concerned. Can’t wait to hear the new one!

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