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Left Right Left Right Left

June 19, 2009 Leave a comment

Everyone loves free stuff right?
There’s just this kind of thrill I get when I get anything for free.. Open source software gets me particularly amped, not having to pay for software that does the same thing as something I WOULD otherwise have to pay for. Great! Yeah.. But anything really. I’m talking about ligit free stuff.. Not stolen stuff/piracy. (Which is a different thrill altogether! =P)

What am I talking about?

Coldplay have just (well maybe not just) released a live album called Left Right Left Right Left.. And its totally free.. No, not Bittorrent free, but Coldplay official website free!


To be honest I was never really a HUGE fan of Coldplay.. But their new album blew my mind.. I bought that Prospekt’s March Ep Edition, which was basically Viva la Vida with a whole extra CD with like 6 new songs and a couple remixes.. For the same price as the normal CD!

Such great guys!

But something about their new sound is just so fresh, so exciting.. They sound like some little indie band that no one else should know about.. And yet they’re winning MTV music awards and stuff. Sweet!

But onto the live thing…

The album sounds amazing! You’d expect them to release some crappy little old club set with awful quality recordings and awkward crowd interaction.. But its not! The sound is crisp and full, and its really well mixed, which is usually the biggest problem with live recordings: The sound man generally thinks that, to get the best feel of the live performance, the recording should get pretty much the same mix as the show.. Which is ridiculous.
But this sounds fantastic! And they do some really great songs, some new stuff, and some of their absolute anthems, like clocks and fix you, not to mention Chris Martin is a great front man: Not too talkative, but just enough to be entertaining.

I’ve been listening through it now as I write this, and I’m on the last song now, so I think its about time to stop writing. The album ends on “Death and all his Friends” off Viva la Vida, with that really great little piano bit.. But they’ve swapped it around and now play it on guitar.. I really love it when bands do that, mix their songs up for a live recording, they do quite a bit of it on this album, which is great because you just get slightly different songs to listen to..

Super stoked! Well worth the 54 megs of capp! =P

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