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Kids with Guns

July 15, 2009 Leave a comment

I finally watched News Movie last night. I’d always seen the cover in video stores and thought it was another crappy Waynes Brothers’ movie.. But turns out its made by the good people at The Onion. As you can imagine I was too stoked to discover this.

I’ve always loved reading The Onion.. But what I didn’t know, is that there’s also an Onion Video Blog, which broadcasts episodes of “news” much like the news deskĀ  scenes in the movie. You can find the whole 1st season here.

I watched a couple great ones like this..

A very important issue indeed, and it would seem, I’m definately not playing NEARLY enough violent video games! I mean, what if the Apocalypse came, and I was trapped inside an old house, under siege from zombies. Would I really know how to get to the top floor to turn on the force fields?

Happy shooting!

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