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Just a thought. (With accompanying ramblings)

June 30, 2009 4 comments

So that CD I wrote about yesterday came with a DVD of the making of the album, which I watched today. Its basically just 40 minutes of interviews with the band, and some footage of them recording.. Oh and the first half is really about the new drummer, Steve Forrest, who’s really great btw! Good move Placebo!

But what stuck out to me most were the interviews with Brian Molko. I’d never actually seen or heard the guy speak before so it was quite a surprise. Something about him really creeps me out. I’ve never thought of myself as a homophobe, I don’t agree with homosexuality for biblical reasons, but I’ve always respected them. I’ve even got some friends at varsity who are gay, but he really scared me. And he’s bisexual. Its just his manner, he’s very effeminate, but has a kind of aggressive undertone. Very dark. But somehow at the same time I’d be fascinated to meet him. Maybe its just the human condition car-crash-syndrome thing. (You know the feeling:when you drive past an accident, and can’t help but look..)

All this left me wondering about prejudice.. I’ve always felt like someone’s actual sexual preferences don’t really matter when it comes to forming prejudices, ‘cos the way I see it, its just sin like anything else, like any kind of lust, that can, and should be overcome. My God is bigger than that stuff! Its more about the way someone carries them self. The glaringly obvious ways in which they differ from you or me. In which case the fault would seem to lie with me..

This doesn’t quite seem to cover it though, and the alternative is a little harder to accept.. The thing is, the outward expression has to come from some inner something. This is a much scarier though, that if my outward reaction is based on that person’s outward persona.. Then perhaps it really is a reaction of something inside me to the devil staring out of him..

I don’t know if I explained that quite right, like it was in my head.. But its a start. I’m also not sure how I would react to meeting someone like that in my life.. Certainly interesting to thing about though.

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