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June 10, 2009 Leave a comment


So I’ve been reading a lot of different blogs lately..

Mostly those inspiring ones with all the cap-munching, pretty pictures, helpful stuff, interesting stuff, music stuff, angry stuff..

And I though.. I’m a (relatively) interesting person, so I thought I’d grace the wonderful wold of the Internet with my whimsical musing.. Or maybe just write about some stuff!

I got inspired by an article I read in some journal or other (might have been the absolutely incredible Graphis Annual, but probably not), about how HTML was invented for linking information.. But how Web 2.0 has twisted the whole thing around.. and now, with social networking sites like Myspace; its used in a sense to link people, or sort of digital token people (hence the header: “The b1ts and bytes 0f me”).

This really got me thinking.. Its almost like we’ve created a whole new population of digital people. These people live on web page houses, shop in iTunes and eBay shopping malls, hang out together in chatrooms and forums, and document every part of there lives, uploading photos, Tweeting, and writing blogs, all a (some may say: pale) reflection of their living breathing counterpart sitting behind the keyboard..

We have our little pets, all with our faces; Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, MSN, Skype, you name it; and they need constant attention.. As we strive to define and establish ourselves in a totally new cyber-space world that didn’t even exist 5, 10 years ago..

All this runs around my head as I embark on my latest project of fleshing out my little character. Think of this as a little splash of colour, a little more information, the 1:20 detail to my web-space working-drawings.

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